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High risk merchant accounts need not to be difficult to obtain.

High Risk Merchant Accounts we mean clients who are involved in the following types of businesses: Telemarketing, MOTO, Travel Industry, MLM (Multi Level Marketing), etc. If you are in a business that sells goods and provides services online within the industry sector that have a high chargeback history, you are classed as a high risk business. Please contact us if you are not sure that this applies to you. We can offer very attractive deals for high risk merchant accounts.

Our typical fees for a High risk Merchant Account

Set up fee 500 USD (or Euro)
Per transaction fee 0.50 USD (or Euro)
Discount rate from 6, 5% - 7, 5%
Rolling reserve 10 - 15% (for six month)
Settlements 30 USD (or Euro) - every week

If you are processing more than $/Euro 200, 000 per month please
Check our high volume offers.

*Rolling reserve for high risk merchant account is a percentage of your total sales which is withheld by a credit card processor for six months in respect of possible future chargebacks. In month seven of your trading your rolling reserve will be released to you for the first month of trading, in month eight your reserve will be released for month 2, so you will always have a reserve of six months due to you by the credit card processor.

There is no requirement for upfront or guarantee deposits for high risk merchant accounts.

All high risk merchant accounts are multicurrency accounts. It means that you can display and charge clients in different currencies and be settled in the currencies of your choice.

You can also apply for a virtual terminal, which will enable you to accept credit cards by phone and by fax. The recurring billing facility is also available.

Your customers would be able to see your company's name on their statement if you choose to do so. You would be able to accept cards by using your own merchant VU (company vendor number). It helps to minimise the chargebacks level. Please refer to our FAQ section for more details about it.

We guarantee to reimburse 100% of your set up fees paid upfront if your application was not successful.


Apply for your high risk merchant accounts today!
(You are under NO obligation and risk free to proceed with our offer for a merchant account,
so why not to try it?)


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