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Confidentiality Issues

Any information you provide us with about yourself will be kept in our systems and may be used by us and could be given to the companies that help us to provide the services to you.
For instance, we might use the information you provided for debt collection purposes, for preventing fraud, to verify the identity and credit card details, for money laundering checks; for marketing purposes.

Our clients do not receive unsolicited mail from us as we respect the privacy of individuals.

Security of transactions

Our clients have to comply with the instructions we provided to them to ensure the security of personal data (identification numbers, security codes, etc). It is the clients' responsibility to provide the safe environment for credit card transactions.

We use the most advanced available technology to prevent fraud. We use multiple detection systems to verify and evaluate each transaction, which in effect minimises chargebacks. Our system verifies the location where the transactions originate from and match it with the credit card number provided; we also can ask for CVV2 codes on the cards to make sure that the customer is in possession of a card; check the credit card holder against the list of bad debtors.


The information provided on this website does not contain any legal or other professional advice. We try to keep our website up to date but will not accept any responsibility if the information becomes incomplete or for any loss suffered directly or indirectly by a client who acted entirely on the information provided as far as it is permitted by law. 4MERCHANT.COM LIMITED will not take any responsibility for any loss or damage that might occur through your access, use or inability to access our website.
We reserve the right to decline clients without explanation. The information regarding prices and services can be changed without further notice at any time.
Proceedings in case of refunds and cancellations

We would be able to cancel the order and make a refund only in the instances when the client informed us about such a decision before we started and completed the services ordered or if we did not provided services in accordance with the agreement. We cannot refund the client upon the completion of the services ordered to his specification.

Customer Care Quality Assurance

We aim to contact our clients (via e-mail or phone) one day after the receipt of an order at the latest, confirming the order.

Usually we will respond to the client's query (via phone or e-mail) within two working days.

Copyright Statement

4MERCHANT.COM LIMITED holds the intellectual property rights for the context of this website. All rights are reserved. Information provided on this website can only be used for personal usage. Any reproduction or usage of the information outside this purpose needs our prior written permission.


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