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Offshore merchant accounts are the must for every e-business today that wants to be competitive and successful. Accepting credit cards over the internet or by other means (phone or fax) significantly increases your turnover. To stay competitive you need to offer your customers a wider choice of payment options or they will go elsewhere.

Offshore merchant account is the key to your prosperity in e-commerce world, combined with offshore company it allows you to trade tax free.


  • Offshore merchant accounts generate more profit than normal merchant accounts as they are tax-free
  • You become more competitive through offshore merchant accounts because you can offer lower prices due to tax savings than your competitors
  • Your generated profits stay offshore and earn money tax free

And of course offshore credit card processing through merchant account will enable you to trade 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Your customers would be able to see your company's name on their statement if you choose to do so. You would be able to accept cards by using your own merchant VU (company vendor number). It helps to minimise the chargebacks. Please refer to our FAQ section for more details about it.

Offshore Merchant Accounts are multicurrency accounts. It means that you can display and charge clients in different currencies and be settled in the currencies of your choice.

In order to derive the full benefits of e-commerce you need to trade through an offshore company and a bank account in its name. Good structure and reliable offshore merchant services are what you need to achieve your objectives.

Note for applicants for Offshore Merchant Accounts

We only accept clients whose offshore companies are incorporated in the following offshore jurisdictions: Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, Sark, Alderney, Andorra, Cyprus, Malta, Madeira and Gibraltar.

If you do not fall into this category, we can recommend you reliable incorporators that will provide a fast and cost effective service to you.

We do not discriminate offshore companies by offering them higher discount rates. Our offer for merchant accounts is the same for onshore and offshore companies. Please choose the link below that describes your activity more appropriate, check our typical rates and offers for your offshore merchant accounts and apply online!


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